one tree hill episode spoilers

Epi 507 - In Da Club - 02.12.08

The gang hangs out at Tric for the night, where Mouth discovers that Brooke has set him up on a blind date with Millicent. Meanwhile, a nervous Mia learns that she's about to make her solo live debut; and Lindsey tries to avoid Peyton.

- This episode takes place in Tric!
- The whole crew meets up again @ Tric for the first time since returning.
- Brooke hits on the bartender.
- Mia is the opening act for a band @ Tric and she rocks the house with the songs she wrote (in real life).
- Carrie tries to get Nathan to drink with her.
- Mouth starts to hit it off with Millicent.
- Victoria busts up at the club looking for a good time.
- Next, Alice busts up and confronts Millicent about Mouth.
- Lindsey and Lucas get into a fight over Peyton.
- Jason blatantly hits on Carrie but Nathan flies in right in time.
- Mouth approaches Alice about why she is being a creeper at the bar.

Epi 508 - Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want - 02.19.08

Brooke continues to try to make progress in her pursuit of Owen the bartender; and Haley is conflicted about what to do regarding something she saw at Tric. Meanwhile, Mouth tries to redeem himself in the eyes of a potential new love interest; and Quentin's recent actions could negatively influence the season-opening game.

- Mia heads to the recording studios to record her songs.
- Peyton struggles with her true feelings about Lucas.
- Alice gets fired for inappropriate conduct with employees, followed by Mouth being confronted by the Manager of the station. A change is coming his way.
- Haley counsels Lucas to make sure he is making the right decision by marrying Lindsey.
- Owen visits Brooke at her store to "make a purchase"
- Molly, the girl who lives in Peyton's old house approaches her while Peyton is leaving THHS.
- Jamie spends the afternoon with Brooke at her store.
- Peyton visits her mothers grave.
- Carrie continues to prove that she is only going to get creepier and creepier.
- Brooke finds herself naked in the back of Owen's waiting for him as he gets off work.

Epi 509 - For Tonight You're Only Here To Know - 02.26.08

At the first Raven?s basketball game of the season, Haley (Bethany Joy Galeotti), Brooke (Sophia Bush), Peyton (Hilarie Burton), Lindsey (guest star Michaela McManus, ?The Beautiful Lie?) and Mia (guest star musician Kate Voegele) find themselves locked in the Tree Hill High library. Tensions run high as Peyton and Lindsey face off over Lucas (Chad Michael Murray). Brooke tries to stand up for her mother when her friends go on the attack. Haley plays mentor to Mia, who is experiencing the elation and disappointment of fame. Meanwhile, Mouth (Lee Norris), who is covering the game as his first official TV reporting assignment, struggles to find a story. Finally, Lucas and Nathan (James Lafferty) grapple with the decision to tell their loved ones about various indiscretions. Antwon Tanner also stars.

- Most of the episode takes place in the Tree Hill Library.
- Tim will return to Tree Hill in this episode.

Epi 510 - Running To Stand Still - 03.04.08

- Rachel will return to the show.
- It's possible Dan might be getting out of jail.
- Nathan and Haley's marriage is on the rocks.

Epi 511 - You're Gonna Need Someone On Your Side - 03.11.08

- Chase will return to the show.

Epi 512 - HUNDRED - 03.18.08

- The Final Episode (possibly for good). Also is the 100th episode of One Tree Hill.
- Lucas and Lindsay have a wedding.
- Dan gets out of jail and will end up "redeeming himself" to everyone




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