Pirates of the Carribean- At worlds end .


Tittade precis klart på Pirates of the Carribean .
Var tvungen att se lite Johnny Depp till. Är på värsta Johnny Depp racet.
Anyway så fullkomligt äälskar jag Jack Sparrow, jag tror vi alla göra det.
Här är mina favort kommentarer av honom .
Dom jag kommer ihåg i alla fall

And that was without  even a single drop of rom.

You're mad!
Thank godness for that because if I wasn't this would probobly never work

Jack, It would never had worked out
Keep telling yourself that darling.

And I owe them all money...

Close your eyes and pretend it's all a bad dream, it's how I get by

Why should I stay with any of  you? 4 of you tried tokill me in the past, one of you succeded

Now were beeing followed by rocks, never heard that before

Did noone come to save me just becuase they miss me?


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