one tree hill one more season

I am hearing that everyone on One Tree Hill is signed for another season - except Chad Michael Murray. Is there any chance the show will go on without Lucas? - David

Matt: Tree Hill superfan Robyn Ross and I confabbed the other day to dream up a world where the show goes on minus Lucas... and frankly, we came up empty. That said, who's to say the Chad won't eventually re-up? Dude's writing and directing this season, so he should be in a very happy place. For the record, Chad's rep tells the Buzz he is "willing to listen" to offers to re-sign. She then pointed out that the episode Murray wrote, airing Nov. 17, is "phenomenal... nothing like anybody has ever anticipated coming from One Tree Hill."

Nyss var det joy som inte ville vara med och nu är det Chad, hur svårt är det bara att äta upp sin stolthet och bara skriva på dem jävla papprerna för en säsong till. Annars får dem väll göra en säsong utan honom, vem behöver honom ?


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