OTH Nathan ad Brooke 6x03

En av mina nya favoritscenen.
grymt härlig scen med Brooke och Nathan.
Man märker att Sophia och James har kemi <3
ääälskar den

Brooke: Who is it?
Nathan: Nathan..
Brooke: Hi, Nate.
Nathan: Hey.
Brooke: Come on in. (let him in) Tuff day, huh?
Nathan: Yeah.
Brooke: I wish there was something i could do for you or Haley or Jamie.
Nathan: Or actually we were wondering if there's anything we could do for you.
Brooke: How do you mean, why me?
Nathan: Well i know that your mum's has been pulling some stuffs with the company and..i don't know i guess having doubts with Parents scenedy, I just wanted to check your head. See how you're doing.
Brooke: I'm fine. Really.
Nathan: Yeah, that sounds like something i would say. Look, this thing with losing Quentin is..it's hard and i feel like this is gonna be a pretty permanent thing in our lifes for a while, but that doesn't mean your problems are any less important, or that all of us aren't here for you.
Brooke: Look, like i said..
Nathan: You're fine, you can handle it. It's all good. Look,  I hope that's true, and maybe it is but the thing is, the two of us have been down very simular roads. We were in the same clicks first, we've both have the same pressures, same expentations. Our parents were like childrens and we both grew in to a kind of bad versions of our selfs, way to fast. So i think you know, i get it.
Brooke: They never really gave us a chance, did they? Our parents..
Nathan: They didn't know how. Look the thing is..you made your dreams happen, alright? and even though i didn't quiet get there. when it was taking away from me - i dealed with it alone. And it was stupid, and selfish and wrong. So if your mom is trying to take your dream away from you, and you feel the same pain that i did. I swore i been there, okay? And i get kind of pissed off if you're not come talk to me about it. And thank you, for coming today, it means a lot. I know you didn't know Quentin but it doesn't surprise me that you're thinking about other people when all those stuffs is going on with you. It's not bad for a girl who never had the chance. Come here *step forward and hug her*

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Håller med dig helt klart :)

Helt klart en favorit scen.

2008-09-21 @ 23:41:10
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