One tree hill season finale

Credit: shuis119 @ imdb
Peyton wakes up from her "coma" about 15 min. in. The baby is fine, so is Peyton. They name her Sawyer.

Dan visits Whitey to apologize, Whitey puts a gun on the table. Dan breaks down and begs Whitey to shoot him, and Whitey hugs him and talks about redemption. Dan then visits Peyton's house, while Lucas and Karen are at Keith's grave, and Peyton lets him hold the baby for a minute.

Nathan gets called up to the NBA to play for the Charlotte Bobcats. He tricks Haley by saying he got let go from the Chiefs and wants to take her and Jamie to Charlotte for a trip. He says "I kind of have to be there since I'm a Bobcat now." Haley hugs him. Mouth reports it on the news, which is how Jamie finds out.

Victoria tells Brooke everything she ever wanted to hear (I almost broke you, you're so strong, etc.). Brooke calls her "mom" again and they hug. Victoria gives her back the company, but Brooke tells her she wants her to work in NY, since Millie is returning to Tree Hill. Victoria also tells Brooke to get on a plane to LA and tell Julian she loves him, because Victoria let a guy go once and has regretted it ever since. Brooke shows up on Julian's movie set in LA, tells him she loves him and they kiss.

The episode ends with Lucas, Peyton and Sawyer in the Comet, going for a road trip. They ride off into the sunset, leaving it open for them to come back or not, I guess.

Det kommer att bli ett galet bra avsnitt, antagligen ett av dem bästa. Men även så jävla sorgligt, gråter bara jag läser vad avsnittet handlar om . Kommer få panik när det slutar och Leyton åker iväg i the comet .

Vill inte att måndag ska komma . För det betyder att One tree hill är slut på sommaren men det värsta är att det betyder att det är slut för Leyton för alltid .

Postat av: Viktoria

Tror det kommer bli ett galet bra avsnitt.

Ser extra fram emot Brooke & Julian scenerna :)

2009-05-13 @ 19:33:26

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