Jesse feat. Ludacris lyrics

Now it's been about a year and Im tryin' to figure out
How could ya?
Forget about who loves you the most
Why would ya?
Heal my heart, heal my brain
Oh how I wish you could feel my pain
Cuz I couldnt get you off my mind if I tried
24/7, 365
And my night's so cold, day's so long
They say you don't know what you got til it's gone
When it's gone and I'm trippin how much I miss it
And you're steady walkin 'round like I never existed
And it's hard to understand, you gotta another plan

Tried my best at movin' on
Have yet to find a girl like you
See things now I didn't before
Now wishin' I had more time with you

It's been about a year now
Ain't seen or heard from you
I been missin' you crazy
How do you, how do you sleep?
I found the letter you wrote me
It still smells just like you
Damn those sweet memories
How do you, how do you sleep?


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